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Welcome to A Miles Better Speaker

Collin Miles aka The Numbers Guy

I specialise in bringing plain speaking training and informational engagements to all Small and Micro Businesses Entrepreneurs in what ever format works for your event.

  • Accounting is the langauge of Business - and my mission through my speaking engagements is to help all Entrepreneurs become fluent 

  • I have run numerous small business over the last 25+ years so understand their journey and the roller castor of joy despair

  • I use only plain speaking language - helping my audience understand how to implement my strategies in real time and with ease and instant success.


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    Collin Miles - aka The Numbers Guy

    Why Choose The Numbers Guy?

    30+ Years experience in Business

    Collin has been involved in Small Entrepreneurial businesses for the last 20+ years and before that ran large Multi National businesses at Board level.

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    Result Oriented

    Our clients can testify to the fact I produce results and have a positive impact on their business.


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    100% Plain Speak

    The world of business is confusing enough - I am making it my mission to change that and to allow all business owners to understand Accounting - The language of Business

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    Featured Speaker

    Featured Speaker

    Featured Speaker

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    Signature  Topics

    As a Founding member of On Point Mentors and Business Speaker - I feel it is my mission to help all entrepreneurs become fluent in Business.

      3 Secret Documents all Business Owners need to Know

      In this 60 -90 key note speech - I will help business owners understand the three 3 Secret documents that allow for powerful decisions

      Five Questions all Entrepreneurs need to ask but are too afraid to ask 

      I explore the 5 topics that you need to consider when thinking about starting a business.


      My "let the numbers Decide" system to ensure you are successful in your business

    Book The Numbers Guy

    On the call with review your events goals and how I can help ensure success for you and the event

    Book a Call with Me
    Miles Better Speaker

    Active Member since 2020

    Miles Better Speaker

    Continuing evolving

    Miles Better Speaker


    Collin Miles

    Collin Miles aka The Numbers Guy

    I have been helping Entrepreneurs and Business people for some 20+ years and have run numerous multinational business before setting up various entrepreneurial business. 

    I am not your typical business speaker- as I will bring a refreshing plain speaking approach to all my engagements, as I make it my Mission to help as many entrepreneurs become as fluent in Accounting - The Language of Business.

    I invite you to visit my Business Mentoring page - where you will find my origin story and interviews revealing more of my style and approach.

    MIles Better Business Mentoring

    ON Point Mentors 60 minute interview with Collin Miles 

    60 minute video from the ON Point Mentors founder Celia Waterhouse

  • Collin was invited to be the featured mentor 

  • We explore the back ground to Collin

  • Collin Miles CEO MIles Better explains the link between profit, sales and Cash

  • All presented in a light hearted fashion

  • The announcement of the new" Let The numbers decide " course and more

  • Please enjoy 

  • For more information on the various courses